Who We Are

Introduction to Castelnau Group.

Castelnau Group was formed by Phoenix Asset Management Partners Limited in 2020. The listed structure provides the manager with a permanent capital vehicle with which to make long-term investments and acquisitions of all structures and sizes.

The business of Castelnau Group is capital allocation. This means that Castelnau Group sits at the centre of the holdings and helps to divert resources towards the most valuable opportunities. Conversely, it is also Castelnau's responsibility to restrict investment into areas that don't make sense.

This includes making investments externally and moving resources around between holdings. The aim of all the activity conducted by Castelnau Group is to optimise shareholder value. We do this through our decisions when allocating capital and optimising the capital structure.

Our Values.



Our best investments are the ones we never have to sell. The stock market listing provides Castelnau Group with permanent capital and the freedom to focus on the long term when acquiring businesses and nurturing their competitive positions



Whether from the perspective of our businesses, employees or our shareholders, we aim to treat all stakeholders as partners. A partnership requires trust and a willingness to share responsibility and accountability.

We operate a de-centralised structure where responsibility sits with those that can generate the most value from it. We also look for opportunities to share insight and resources between holdings.



Our de-centralised structure and single point of decision making through an experienced investment manager allows us to be decisive. This includes offering current holdings access to further capital and making new investments.

We consider any and all structures when making investments. We have developed a severe allergy to bureaucracy and don't need an army of advisors to arrive at a conclusion. Current and future holdings should expect rapid, well researched and entrepreneurial decision making.



The majority of the Castelnau Group board is independent. We also have an investment manager that only earns fees if Castelnau Group outperforms the market over at least three years. If we don't perform, we don't earn fees. We think that's fair.



We are imperfect and will make mistakes. Our culture is that of a persistent learning machine that looks to openly dissect errors and use them to improve decision making. We intend to report on both successes and failures across all our businesses in a transparent and concise manner.

Investor Relations

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