Gary Pocock
Head of Business Development

Gary joined the team in September 2017, and having been an investor since the outset, has always been familiar with the principles and workings of Phoenix.

Whilst Gary covers business development, he also brings his extensive knowledge of the fixed income markets to the Company, with the aim of looking at opportunities from a debt perspective, for the Company’s investments in equities and handling the cash liquidity requirements for the Funds. Gary has worked for numerous International Banks and Brokerage houses over a 30-year career, in products spanning the full range of Fixed Income Government bonds to the many complex products of the Credit and structured markets. This enables him to focus on many parts of the debt market, on behalf of the team. 

Away from Phoenix, Gary is very keen on his sport, with particular interest in Cricket, Rugby, Golf and Skiing. Also, more recently actively participating in some cycling events, and proud to have ridden on a number of fundraising events for the Halow Charity Project.