Jamie Broadhurst
Business Analyst

Jamie graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc (Hons) degree in Economics. During his time at university, he completed a dissertation looking at the effects of herd behaviour within the cryptocurrency market, as well as playing weekly in an intramural 11-a-side team – Brystal Palace.

When he was a teenager, he resold rare streetwear and sneakers, and separately, used arbitrage to profit from a difference in pricing of a virtual currency used in the video game, FIFA. 

He joined Castelnau Group in early 2023 and has been working closely with Dignity on enhancing their strategy. Alongside helping the senior Castlenau team with a number of initiatives, including building out the ‘Castelnau Way’ frameworks and the Graduate Program.

In his spare time, Jamie enjoys running, swimming and watching Chelsea. He also loves a Sunday Roast and hanging out with his sister’s Staffy.