Ocula Technologies Ltd

The Business

Ocula Technologies Ltd is a start-up that is building a data and analytics tool which will provide insights for companies to grow sales and profitability.

The Story

Ocula was founded in 2021 by Gerry Buggy and backed by Castelnau Group. It draws upon the expertise of a strong founding team, each with relevant experience in data science, digital strategy, product management and customer insight.

The Opportunity

Like Rawnet, we consider Ocula as an enabler company. The insights Ocula produce will be applied to the group company’s digital strategies in a continuous way: influencing, designing and measuring strategies.

Ocula will be able to build and hone its product on the portfolio companies, thereby providing it with real case studies to subsequently approach external companies and pitch its services.

We believe Ocula Technologies has significant future potential because mastery of data science can unlock enormous value and insights.