Showpiece Technologies Ltd

The most valuable items in the world, added to your collection through fractional ownership.

The Business

Showpiece Technologies Ltd is a fractional ownership platform, created to make ownership of the world’s most famous and valuable items available to everyone.  Showpiece was incorporated in August 2021 and, as of November 2021, is 80% owned by Castelnau Group and 20% owned by Stanley Gibbons.

The Opportunity

The way people are collecting is changing, and Showpiece is tapping into this dynamic by offering a digital collectable experience where customers have beneficial ownership of the underlying item.

The first item being made available is the One Cent Magenta stamp. With Stanley Gibbons’ purchase of the world’s most valuable stamp, the British Guiana One Cent Magenta, Showpiece has access to an extraordinary seed item that has generated significant public interest.

Over time, further items will be made available on the platform. A curation of only the most extraordinary items will differentiate the Showpiece offering. With the growing adoption of digital collectables and the uniqueness of the items that Showpiece intends to offer, the Company believes that there is a huge untapped global market for its offering.

Showpiece also plans to build a marketplace, which will allow collectors to buy and sell their pieces amongst each other.

Careers at Showpiece

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