Strand Collectibles Group Limited

The Business

Strand Collectibles Group boasts two of the most respected brands in the world of collectibles.  Stanley Gibbons, ‘the home of stamp collecting’ is the leading global name in the stamp collecting hobby, a position hard-earned since it opened its doors to collectors in 1856.   Equally storied is Baldwin’s coins, a leading name in numismatics including coins, medals and as of 2024, bullion. 

By harnessing the heritage and the unique expertise of both brands, The Strand Collectibles Group’s vision is to bring the joy of collecting to a wider audience, serving the needs of passionate collectors for generations to come.

This vision begins at the Central London shop and auction house where collectors can enjoy the broadest selection of philatelic retail stock on the planet, exceptional examples of medals, coins and bullion as well as experts in categories as diverse as Ancient Coins and Pokemon trading cards. A true home for collecting.

The Story

The Strand Collectibles Group was incorporated in 2023, acquiring the assets of both Stanley Gibbons Limited and AH Baldwins & Sons in a significant restructuring of their ownership. 

The Opportunity

The Investment Manager's vision is that The Strand Collectibles Group can now evolve its business keeping its collectibles customers at the centre of everything it does, but expanding that audience to newer generations and globally by building the range of collectible verticals it offers, and through an effective digital strategy

The desire to collect and engage in hobbies is increasing alongside leisure time. These are all boosted by the prevailing demographic trends as people live longer and have a better quality of life.

However, to achieve the potential and attract new customers it is essential for both brands to modernise and make the most of new technologies and insights. In this respect, the internet, rather than hurting physical collectibles brands like Stanley Gibbons and Baldwin’s, in fact, does the opposite. It allows a unique, single iconic location in London to reach a worldwide audience inexpensively, and for a business so rich in intellectual property and knowledge to offer an engaging and immersive experience tailored to the interest of the customer. We believe that the building blocks for an attractive business are there in terms of the brand, heritage, reputation and capability.

Careers at Strand Collectibles

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